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"The best way to predict the future is to implement it."

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Monkey Checkers

Monkey Checkers was the semester project completed for my Software Engineering project during my junior year (Fall 2008). Not only did we need to implement the game, but there was also a multiplayer online component involving chat and connecting to a server (which the TA wrote) which we used RMI for. This was a rather ambitious project since we only were supposed to use Java and Swing (essentially a 2D checker game). I used the jMonkey Engine for this. Much like my model importer, I embedded an OpenGL Canvas into the overall Swing GUI.

Players would connect to the server and join a lobby, which displayed the current active games and who were playing them. They could spectate matches currently in play, create a new game, or join an existing one. The chat functionality included a general chat to everyone on the server as well as private chat to a single player.

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